Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday 15 - May 27, 2015

The Wednesday 15!

I'm challenging you to find 15 items you can remove from your home, preferably not just basic household trash, but if you must it can count too. Is there a penalty for not meeting the goal? Of course not. One thing is better than none, right? Is there a reward for meeting the goal. Yes, the joy of finding more space in your home for things you love. Notice how you feel letting these items go that you just don't need. Often it is a feeling of satisfaction and peace. 

I'm writing this late Tuesday night. I have no picture. But I can list what I found today to get rid of:

  • 2 sets of frosting decorator tips
  • 4 canvas paintings
  • 8 picture envelopes
  • 2 small square containers
  • 1 glass candle holder
  • 4 picture frames
  • 2 bath mats 
I also sold several things in the last couple days and can count those as items gone from our home.
  • leaf blower
  • umbrella and stand
  • push broom
  • shadow box
I'm pretty sure there was a bit more that I found, but I'm at least over 15 items that have left my home this week. I actually expect to find quite a bit more in the coming days. How did you do with finding your Wednesday 15?

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  1. I found less than 15 but I know there's plenty more waiting to be found