Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Organizing After Unpacking

All of the boxes from our move have been emptied, except one! That one belongs to my daughter, and she just hasn't made it her priority. And I've got other things to work on, so I don't care either. I should have been a good blogger and taken a picture of this hall closet (upstairs) before I started working on getting it in good shape. We randomly threw things in there as we were unpacking. We had put in the bath towels, tissue boxes, shelves that needed to be put together, toiletries and medications.  In previous days, I have pulled some items out and put them in better places. But of course, this closet still needed some work...which led me to pulling most of it out so I could start putting it back how I prefer. 

The mess before the mess gets better!

When the closet is empty and I have items nearby that I know belong in it, my mind starts to remember how we had things stored in previous homes. I like to keep things similar when I can...especially when moving so frequently. If I usually have hair ties in the same closet as towels in one house, it helps when they are together in the next.

This time we don't have a basement, so our yoga mats are now in the closet with towels! Hopefully, I will remember when I go looking for one. In the picture below I was able to find places for beach towels and bag, sunscreen, bath towels and hair accessories. The cleaning products on the top shelf where there temporarily.

And I continued working on all of those things I pulled out to get the like items back together. Again, trying to keep things similar to the way they have been grouped before. I did move one container to another room to help contain things there. The truth is when it was in this type of closet at the last house it really wasn't used in the best way. 

Now the closet isn't done. I need to keep tweaking, as I'm sure there are more things that need to be stored in here! I just have to figure out what those things are. Here's the final picture that shows I added my sewing machine and our games. Both of these had been stored in our basement. I don't want them in the garage unless absolutely necessary. I also expect that this closet is closest to the area where they will get used, so this does make sense in that regard.

I wanted to put my sewing supplies in this closet too. But it seemed they would take up another good portion of the space. I'm not sure yet, that is where those should go since I don't sew that often. I did put them in our master closet for now, while I ponder where they should all go. 

Organizing after the packing does take time. I'm just happy to have everything out of boxes...and in less than a week after moving! Stay tuned I will try to have even more to share this week. 

Do your games live with your bath towels like mine? If you have one, where do you store your sewing machine and fabrics? 


  1. We actually have a rather deep built in shelf in our bathroom - which I absolutely love, because our vanity doesn't have much storage except for the cabinet below. While I would love to have a linen closet (which could hold other things, as we don't have that many linens), it's alright to be without.

    To have everything unpacked so quickly though, I applaud you a million times over! I still have boxes from the *last* time I moved (which were opened, but not unpacked entirely, so used for the recent move for the same items xD ).

  2. Wow haven't you only been there for a week, or is it two now? You'e unpacked so quickly :)
    Our linen closet is outside our bathroom and it needs work.No games in there, but there are some of dh's tools and the towels and bedding, and a few cushions. It needs work.