Monday, July 20, 2015

The Empty Rental Home: Upper Level

It's time to continue sharing pictures of this rental home we are living in. The pictures show what the house looks like empty, since I took them before our household goods arrived. We left off at the bottom of the stairs, so let us head on up and check it out. 

Slightly blurry, but these are the wood stairs heading up
 At the top of the stairs is a open landing area. Immediately to the right would be the door to the master bedroom. One more down on the right is the laundry room door (not pictured). All the way to the far end of the hall is the bonus room (or family room). The double doors in the picture is a hall linen closet.

To the left of this landing view are three doors, a bathroom and two bedroom entrances. The bathroom door is on the left in the picture below, next to the door to my youngest daughter's bedroom.

The girls get to share this full sized bathroom. The only have one sink put the counter and cabinet below are much more space then they had in our last house!

The room below is for our youngest daughter. She gets the largest room this time, since our oldest is going to college. She has plenty of space to entertain friends.

Our youngest daughter has a walk in closet. And if you notice in the picture below the door outside the door. That goes to our oldest daughter's bedroom.

The walk in closet has plenty of space and a window! Not needed for in a closet, but it makes the house look better from the outside I guess. 

Our oldest daughter doesn't have a walk in closet, but she does have a crazy high ceiling with a skylight type of window. Again this give some character to the outside of the home.

I'm glad to report my new laundry room has cabinets similar to the set up we installed in our last house. Although as I try to get some things in them, they seem a little shorter. I also do not have a sink in this laundry room, which I did find I liked. I do know I can live without. :)

This is the view into our master bedroom. There are actually two windows on the same wall of the same size. One is to the left in the picture (show in the picture below). The bedroom is much larger than we need considering we have one dresser, a bed and two night stands. There is so much room, my husband suggested we put a couch in there!

There is that other window and the door to our master bathroom. And yes, the master bedroom is very large and over the top for our needs in several ways...don't say I didn't warn you before you scroll down.

The master bedroom has a jetted tub, a tiled glassed in shower, a separate toilet room (straight ahead), a walk in closet and two sinks. It is easily double the size of our last bathroom.

We have double sinks with granite counters in our bathroom. We found that we have less storage in this bathroom...just one drawer to share. Our last master bathroom gave us each three drawers! We'll make it work and get creative. :)

And now back down the hall to our bonus room. It is a pretty large room. We hope to get it set up and functional for several different things: tv viewing, exercise area (if we buy a treadmill), and a project area (which could also do duty as a dining space if needed). 

The bonus room is over our garage so that gives you a little idea about how big it is! There are windows on three sides of the room. There is no built in storage unfortunately. Again, we'll make it work! 

I still have not taken pictures of the home outside. Someday when I get to that point.  Future posts will likely show you how I'm trying to get all the stuff we own to fit into this home. A home with no basement! That will be my biggest challenge. I think it can be done, although my husband seems doubtful. I look forward to showing him and all of you, too.


  1. I know the feeling of less storage than one used to have! While our new apartment is larger than our old one, there is much much much less storage space. Still haven't gotten it all sorted out, but the advantage of the bigger apartment is we have stuff out still but it's not in the way of anything as it would have been in the old place!