Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There is Stuff Everywhere!

I have to show you the state of our home now that all the boxes have been unpacked. Unpacked is not the same as moved least for me. Unpacked looks like all the photos below.

Landing needs to be cleared...where to put toys the girls want to keep,
but won't play with? 

Artwork from our just against the wall in our bedroom.

My husband side of the closet needs some more work!

Need to figure out those vertical shelves in the middle
 The closet really is going to be a work in progress for awhile. I need to try storing things in there and see how it goes. Sewing things, photo albums, keepsake boxes are several ideas. Not a fan of them in my closet, but with no basement it may be where they go. As you can see below, I'm even storing cat food in my closet! Not right.

Do coats stay in this closet or the hall closet?
We may not need them much in this climate!
And the bonus room is where we sent so much of what was in our basement. Tubs and tubs of miscellaneous things. I do need to ponder whether we need to keep all the things in those totes. I'm hoping a few can go back down to the garage.

Yes, we did set up our extra twin bed in the bonus room. Not sure yet how that will really go. It could end up be a little reading and nap nook...a daybed of sorts.  Not needed though since we have other seating and beds! I'll say it again, these rooms are a work in progress.

Oh look tubs and tubs of things!! Look above. Look below. 

In the dining room and the main hallway is where I have placed all of our artwork and home decor after we unpacked it. These might be the last items to be placed in there new homes.

The guest room is not finished either, but you are not surprised are you? I did work in there for a few minutes earlier this week and separated some things. We are waiting on a repair for a hall closet near this room. That is where I'm going to put some of the extra blankets I have piled on the floor.

And I could put my lamps back together, but I can't find any light bulbs! So now I need to remember to buy some. The guest room will definitely be in better order in about two weeks...since we will be having our first guests!! That sure helps motivate me.

So, now you have seen the rental home with our things in it...well many of the rooms. Can you tell we have stuff everywhere! Yes, it is unpacked and the boxes are gone, but we are not nearly moved in yet. It is a process that takes time. After publishing this post, I'm going to hop up and take care of those items in the first picture. I need that landing cleared and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes! 


  1. But things are out of their boxes and you have a general idea of where everything will go (even if it will be all moved about at some point) - and that's progress to be proud of!
    So far as the cat food goes...we have a large clear pet-food plastic bin with roller caster things that we keep our dog food in. It stays in the kitchen next to their kennel. It's not attractive, but it's out of the way and convenient (as their food dishes are in the kitchen as well). Plus, if anyone is at our house, they know we have dogs. Seeing a bin of dog food shouldn't be surprising or off-putting!

  2. I think you're doing really well!