Monday, September 21, 2015

Cleaning IS NOT on Schedule

I posted my new cleaning schedule here last week. I'm already off schedule. And the house is still pretty clean overall.

Monday - Sweep hardwood floor, steam clean as needed
Tuesday - Dust furniture, clean master shower
Wednesday - Clean bathroom sinks and mirrors, laundry as needed
Thursday - Clean other shower (s)
Friday - Clean toilets and wash bathroom towels
Saturday - Vacuum upstairs carpet
Sunday -  Laundry, sweep/clean tile floors

Today is Monday and I should be doing our hardwood floors, if needed. They don't need it because my husband did those on Saturday while I vacuumed upstairs. Of course, this isn't a bad thing at all. I appreciate his help. I did laundry on Sunday, but I didn't sweep/clean the tile floors. They actually looked pretty good, probably because it had been less than a week since I did them.

Instead of my regularly scheduled basic cleaning I did some deep cleaning. This rental house has white painted baseboards (moulding) and some of them were really dirty. Not dirty enough to act on within the first two months of living here. I cleaned the baseboards in all but two rooms on our main level. I need to go back and do the guest room and dining room.

I've never cleaned painted baseboards before. I did some searching and found a blog post by Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking. Her post made it seem so simple: dust (with a paintbrush) first then clean with a dish soap and water solution. It worked pretty well. I particularly liked using the paintbrush to dust. And boy, I actually did see that dust flying!!

I listened to a podcast by Nony (Dana White) at A Slob Comes Clean. The podcast is about how to Declutter without Distraction. If you haven't listened to her before you might find some inspiration to get on a little round of decluttering this week if you do.

Tomorrow I expect to be back on my cleaning schedule. I will get the furniture dusted and our master bathroom shower clean. I think I'll throw in a load of sheets as well, as I'm a little off on my twice a month schedule for those too.


  1. I use one of those long handled duster thingys (the kind you use to reach high spots, like cobwebs in ceiling corners) to dust my painted baseboards, so I don't have to reach down.
    Haven't been around in awhile, but I still read everyone's posts in FB and get inspiration!

    1. Yes, I have one of those long handled dusters Laurie. I think I will use that next time after I've done a deep clean using this 'new' method! This time that wouldn't much grime on them.