Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cleaning Schedule

I am off my cleaning game since our move. Yes, I have cleaned. And my husband has cleaned. But there is no schedule or plan to when we are going to clean. In the last few days instead of having an all out marathon cleaning session, I have been tackling cleaning chores a few at a time. On Friday I did two loads of laundry and cleaned the toilets. Saturday afternoon (after mowing the lawn) I cleaned the bathroom sinks and mirrors. On Sunday, I cleaned my daughter's shower, vacuumed our carpet upstairs and did two more loads of laundry. And just yesterday, I swept and steam cleaned our hardwood floors on our lower level.

Clearly everything is not clean at the same time with this method. But from a time standpoint, it just feels better to spend 20-30 minutes to do a few tasks each day then hours doing it all on one day. And really it does only take 10 minutes to clean three toilets. Of course, if we are hosting a party or having overnight guest I will spend more time to get the entire house clean at one time.

But as I said I'm not on a schedule right now. I'm just getting started again, I figured I'd post my own schedule in case it helps anyone else. And of course, I may tweak this if one day has too much to do and I can't fit it all in.

Monday - Sweep hardwood floor, steam clean as needed
Tuesday - Dust furniture, clean master shower
Wednesday - Clean bathroom sinks and mirrors, laundry as needed
Thursday - Clean other shower (s)
Friday - Clean toilets and wash bathroom towels
Saturday - Vacuum upstairs carpet
Sunday -  Laundry, sweep/clean tile floors

Now you may notice that there are other cleaning tasks not listed. I don't do some tasks weekly, such as washing windows or blinds. I also have a pretty good clean up routine in the kitchen. We run our dishwasher every night, so just before bed we grab any dirty glasses and dishes that are still out since dinner and get it going. We also try really hard to unload the dishwasher in the morning. I was doing so well at this before the move, but recently I'm not getting to it first thing. But that is the goal.

We take the trash out on the nights before we have trash pickup scheduled. For us those nights are Monday and Thursday. We put our recycling in the garage each night. We scoop the litter box nearly every day, but at least every other. I also try to sweep up the litter on the days that I do that.

Do you have a cleaning routine? Do you do all your cleaning on one day or spread the work out over time? Do you feel you have tasks that are automatic and you don't really think about them?


  1. I used to try and do all the cleaning in one day (very long time ago) and that was not a good way to go about it. I'm alright with my house not being 100% clean at a time, because it will just get messy again the next. If *something* is clean every day, that's a good thing in my book! I've tried to schedule laundry days in, but it just never works out right, so I've taken to just doing it when it suits me (hopefully before the various hampers are full), and calling it good. We have clean clothes when we need them, and that's what's important, ha! :D

  2. As a wife, mother, community volunteer with a demanding job, the best I could do was eek out an hour in the early morning, an hour after walking in the door to get dinner on the table and an hour before bedtime to get it all done.

    It meant everyone had to pitch in and do age and skill appropriate chores. We all have 'automatics' like make your bed, personal hygiene, get dressed, toss dirty clothes in assigned hamper, clear stuff from flat surfaces, take your stuff/backpack to the door, take your tableware to DW

    We all had daily assigned chores, doing our best to give DKs jobs they found acceptable plus earn an agreed in advance sum for extra work. Saturday AM we worked in teams taking care of 'wet' work [scrub bthrms, washing floors, cupboard doors, equipment, yard, car]
    My routine
    Mon.: Laundry, wash/dry, hang, fold, put away
    Tues: Desk day [bills, financial planning, paper work, file]
    Wed. Cook, bake, pantry,clear out fridge
    Thurs Menu plan, flyers
    Fri Dust, vacuum
    Sat Team wet work
    Sun Family day

    Added to 'dailies' was 'Branch' work which required a minimum of 20 minutes daily to deep clean a specific room or area. For example...
    Week 1 Entry & laundry rm
    Week 2 Living Rm
    Week 3 Dining Rm/ Home Office
    Week 4 Kitchen
    Week 5 M BdRm/Closet
    Week 6 Guest Rm/DKs BdRms
    Week 7 BthRms
    Week 8 Bsmt/Family Rm
    Week 9 Whole House & Hot Spots/Detail carpet

    It takes a lot of repetitions to get all areas to your desired level. Like Carrie's Wednesday challenge, it can be all about having what is used, needed and loved...where it is needed, when it is needed.

    It helps to abandon any perfectionist tendencies and remember DONE is good enough.