Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just Six Minutes

I found myself with just a few minutes yesterday before I needed to leave to pick up my daughter from school. I had a task that I had been wanting to get to and decided to see if I could get it done in the little time I had.

The task was simply to reorganize two cupboards. A tweak really. The way it was set up just wasn't quite right, which in this case is a result of moving in quickly and making do with what is.

Notice the time and the BEFORE pictures below.

The cupboard above has too many paper bags, cat bowls we will rarely use (left by the owners), and extra light bulbs that belong elsewhere (specifically in the cupboard above our dryer with the others we have).

The main issue in the above cabinet are those cleaning supplies under the sink on the right. Those are cleaning supplies our landlord wants us to use on the stainless steel appliances and flat cooktop surface. Very nice of them to supply them! But they are in my way there. It's too cluttered and they aren't used that often. So I moved them into the other cupboard with some other cleaning supplies. 

And now the AFTER photos. Again notice the third photo where I captured the time. 

Cleaning supplies grouped together and easily accessible. Fewer paper bags (recycled the rest) and decided two was the maximum I would keep at any time. I may find a basket to corral some of the supplies, but probably not necessary.

This cupboard is a little more crowded that under the sink at my last house. I think it is because the sink is deeper, so the pipes and disposal hang down lower. I installed some shelf liner and put back just what I expect and want under the sink. I expect this to work much, much better!

Here's the pile of recycling I found in the cupboard: a piece of paper, a piece of cardboard, packaging from the shelf liner, and about six paper bags. 

Look at that!! Just six minutes from start to finish. (It's probably taken me longer to write this blog post!) Things can be accomplished in short periods of time.

Do you think you have any tasks that you could complete in six minutes? Consider it a challenge and see if you can accomplish at least one this week that you may have been putting off. And can I also ask what do you store under your kitchen sink?


  1. There are tons of things I can do in six minutes - but it always seems like it will take longer, which is not conducive to actually getting it done!
    And under the kitchen sink? Cleaning supplies. As many of them that would fit. There was just nowhere else for them to go in the apartment.But it is handy, so that there isn't different things throughout the house to go and try and find, as everything is all in one place!

    1. I posted this because I too thought my decluttering would take much longer than six minutes. A timer does dispel they myth!