Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rearranging is Part of Organizing

We purchased a used treadmill over the holiday weekend. It is arriving on Tuesday (today). So we got busy moving a few things around to accommodate it in our bonus room (a common term in the southeast), which we tend to think of as our family room. It is on our second level in case you care to know.

First, I decided to move the big box hiding behind the door to the bonus room. It has a large piece of art work made by my daughter. We've decided it will likely get hung in her room. So I moved the whole box in there until we get that task taken care of.

That allowed me to move the dollhouse further into the corner. I'm also going to get the little boxes relocated to a closet. And the pictures will get hung very soon!

The picture below shows the big open space where we plan to put our treadmill. It will face the camera, be parallel to the window on the left. Previously, a cedar chest was under the window on the left, along with three totes of memorabilia. The totes have been moved to our master bedroom closet, which is now getting pretty full. That closet will be need to rearranged soon, too!

The view from the treadmill will be what you see below. Not super exciting, but nice and neat. No clutter to look at. And there are windows to look out. We are getting a different cover for our twin bed that is becoming a day bed. A relaxing place to take a snooze or use for guests. 

I know I cleaned up the area with the dresser last week. It had been where the cedar chest is now. But again, rearranging is necessary now that we are getting the treadmill. And I want it to be at least somewhat organized.  I'm not sure the dresser is there long term, but it works for now.

And this is the main part of the room. We moved the artificial tree to this new spot. We also moved the tv over a bit to the right. We also had to move the couches closer in towards the tv to have just a big more room for the treadmill. Ignore the stuff on the coffee table...it seems to be a place to put things lately!

I feel more organized knowing we aren't just stuffing our new treadmill in any old space. We rearranged the best we can to make it work the best it can. It's possible this isn't the right arrangement. If we realize that is the case, we will rearrange again. 

Furniture arranging and rearranging probably doesn't seem like organizing. But it is! It is organizing your furniture for the way you want to use the space. Just like getting the spices put in the right spot in your kitchen cupboard so that you can use them efficiently. And sometimes it takes a bit to tweak where the spices should go. 

I'll try to to tune in sometime next week and give you a peak into the space with the treadmill in place. Have you found yourself rearranging spaces? Closets, furniture, spices or photos? Do you find that each time you improve the space just a little bit more? I do!

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