Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days: Your Vehicle

This is Day 2 of the 31 Days of Organizing and Decluttering.

Today we are going to look inside the vehicle we drive to see if we can find any clutter. Personally, I don't keep much in our car. I tend to bring it all in after our trips. That is just how I roll apparently. I know some people do store much more in their vehicles for convenience. If you are one of those people it is possible you have accumulated more than you need in your car. Just like your closet, you need to take a look from time to time and declutter the excess.

Here are some places to look for clutter in your vehicle that may or may not be obvious:

  • Center console
  • Glove box (I have two)
  • Front console storage areas
  • Inside of driver and passenger doors
  • Under seats
  • The trunk
  • Rear passenger doors, seats and nearby storage area
  • Pockets on backs of seats
In our van, I found a sunglasses case that doesn't fit my new sunglasses. Boo. 

I also found a map from our previous state, gum wrappers, extra CDs, and expired auto insurance cards. Not much, but still clutter and items that don't need to be in there. 

Umbrellas...tossed in the back. Don't do this in your car!

Want to know what we do store in our vehicles? Owner's manuals, instructions for after market DVD player, GPS, car charger, auto insurance and car registration information, napkins, hand sanitizer, and a tire gauge. I've also been carrying our two umbrellas in the van because it seems to be raining a lot here recently! 

If you have a very cluttered car, I would think you could still make a pretty big dent in decluttering in 15 minutes. Bring out a trash bag or two. Start with the obvious trash on the seats and floors. Put items that need to go back into your house in that second bag. Take a peek at the areas I listed above and see if there are items you do not need. Don't forget to look in the trunk and back seats!! If you feel so inclined, you can vacuum your car and wash the glass, too. That will take you longer, but it will help the space seem even tidier! (I didn't do this, but I expect it will need to be done soon.)

What clutter did you find in your vehicle? Was anything expired? Did you find something you had been looking for? How much of it was trash? 


  1. I need to do this. We're bad at keeping trash in the car. We've gotten pretty good about putting trash in the door pocket-things (no idea what the technical term is for them, but the little cubby on the doors that also has a cup holder, ha). So every few weeks I'll take the garbage out of both of them (mostly straw wrappers or receipts, maybe a soda can). We used to just toss everything in the back (we have a sort-of backseat, that is half taken up by a speaker, so nobody is going to be back there but the dogs ever, and that's only rarely) and it was...horrible...when it came time to clean out the truck. Now, though, it's super easy - woo!

    1. Jessica, sounds like you have improved over time! You have narrowed down where trash is allowed AND you are getting to it in regular intervals. I bet it is much easier the more often you do it.