Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 22: Garage and Yard

It's been cool here where I live, but I know fall is not done yet! This time of year is a good time to get out in the yard (and garage) and clean up.

I like to get the dead annuals pulled out of pots. If your winter temperatures get below freezing, I would suggest putting any clay pots inside to reduce the chance that they would break. I'm sure many last fine outdoor all winter, but this is my preference. If you have perennials in your yard, take some time to find out if they need any attending to this fall, many can wait until spring.

We drain our water hoses and roll them up and bring them into our garage as well as any yard decorations that we want out of the elements for the winter. You might have children's play toys that have been stored outside during the summer months that need to come inside. Or like we did for many years, a pool, that needs to be drained and put away. These warmer fall days make for a great time to get these tasks done.

As you are putting things away in your garage or a storage shed, try to keep like items together. It is tempting to put everything in one big pile, or stashed on any open shelf space you can find. Don't store anything that may be broken or you know you won't want in the spring. Get rid of it now. If you see items that never did get used this past spring and summer, those items can probably go too. Although, I get that one might need it some day. I have two leaf rakes that we haven't used for four years now. But I still keep them. I did get rid of some other extras before the move this summer so keeping two rakes isn't too bad. 

I would suggest using bins to store like items together. Those bins can then be stacked and make use of the vertical space in your garage rather than just lining the floor. One thing I specifically remember using bins for in the past were children's outdoor toys and pool supplies. Maybe you have sports equipment that isn't used during the winter months, Put all those items together in a bin, pop a lid on, label it with tape and stack it on another bin holding your smaller garden tools. 

I love getting out in the garage and yard this time of year. There is just something satisfying about it. If you get time, it is nice to sweep out the dust, grass and leaves that may have accumulated in your garage too. 

Did you find a lot of things to declutter in your garage? Do you use bins for storage in your garage, too? How many rakes do you own? 

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