Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 24: Under Your Bathroom Sink

It's the weekend! We are have just one week left of the 31 Days of Decluttering and Organizing. Let's look under our sinks. Specifically in our bathrooms. And if nothing else any bathroom a guest might use. Because the holiday's are coming and guests may stop over!

This pictures is from under one of three cabinets under her bathroom sink. The whole space is pretty tidy. One cabinet holds the trash can. The other (closest to the toilet) hold all the rolls of toilet paper. This one has tubes and bottles of things we are storing upright. And see how we used a bucket to keep the items together. 

This is another area where I suggest you pull everything out. Quickly wipe the cabinet out too. Then start getting rid of the trash, expired items, and maybe even those little samples from hotels. Then sort like items together. Contain those items in a bucket, basket, or clear plastic shoe box. If you are lacking enough room, consider a set of stacking shelves. And definitely consider if the items you intend to put back under the sink belong there or could have another home. 

My suggestion for items under the sink...when in doubt throw them out! It seems a lot of odd things get stored under sinks and often aren't even used. If this is the case. Toss!!

Don't forget to do all the cabinets you may have under the sinks in your home. If you don't have a cabinet you might have a medicine cabinet to look into. 

Did you find anything odd under your sink? Was most of it trash? Does it look better now that you completed the task?

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