Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 25: My Thoughts On Decluttering Clothes

I figured for many people the weekend is a great time to work on decluttering your clothes. So thus, a post on the weekend for part of my 31 Days of Decluttering and Organizing. I'll be honest it's a post I'm not really excited about because I personally don't own a lot of clothes, so I can't exactly show you my bursting closet of clothes and then an after picture showing less.

But I have some thoughts to share on clothes.

Keep only what you love. If it doesn't fit, you don't like the color or style, or you wouldn't even buy it again if you saw it on the rack you should probably just get rid of it.

If it's been awhile since you wore an item that must still fit and you love. It probably is time to let it go. I'm thinking if it has been a year or more it can leave your closet.

If you are hoping to fit into it again, well then you missed what I wrote above...that item should go. I've found that by the time you can fit into something you are saving the styles or colors have changed that the item is often a bit dated. And really, why not give yourself the joy of getting some new things if you have been successful at losing weight?

We don't need many clothes really. Enough to get through a typical week or ten days. If you love your clothes you are probably willing to wear them that often. And if you think you need more to give other some sort of impression of you...well it is just something to think about.

More clothes generally means more money spent on clothes, more loads of laundry, more dry cleaning, more sorting and maybe too many choices. And if those choices are stressful or time consuming, it may definitely be worth getting rid of some excess clothes.

You don't have to agree with me on my views of clothes. My thoughts are my own and just something to consider if you feel you are overwhelmed with the clothes in your closet. As you start working on your closet and drawers, try to make quick decisions. If your gut says the item can go, then pull it out! If you are undecided it's okay to wait and look again in a month or two. However, if you come back to it then and you haven't worn it was does that say about your love of the item?

Don't forget to declutter accessories such as socks, tights, pantyhose, bras, panties, shoes, purses, scarves, and jewelry. Maybe hats and belts if you have them, too!

Have you decluttered your closet recently? Did you find a lot to get rid of or just a few items?

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  1. with hope to be helpful...
    With life moving so much faster and pressures accelerating, our family discovered it was very helpful have a calm, uncluttered closet. The limiting 'rule' of 12 hangers for each foot of closet space is critical. One protocol requires garments be seasonally appropriate and in good condition. Items needing repair moved to a secondary spot like the back of the bd rm door with dropped hem, missing button, broken zip until repaired or purged.

    All the research says we wear 20 % of our clothes 80% of the time. If you've clothes in the closet you don't wear, identify the reason. Anything unflattering, uncomfortable, scratchy requires you forgive yourself for the mistake and let it go! The Kondi standard ask "Does it give you joy?' Sell, consign, give it to someone who admires it, donate or trash are the choices.

    It really helps to use the 'new item in, old, similar item, out immediately. Sure keeps impulse buying at bay and makes a huge difference to spending habits. Before you go to the cashier, you need to know what will be relinquished.

    Finally, how much is enough? This was a huge issue in our family.