Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 31: Relax!

It's been a full month for me.  Writing a post every day takes more time than you might think. I sure hope you have enjoyed reading! And if you decluttered, started a new habit, or a came up with a new way to keep your life running smoothly this month, you get a high five from me! You did it. The small accomplishments add up and count just as the big ones.

I want to remind you to relax if you haven't taken the time to do so this month. All the work we did takes a lot of energy and our minds have been working hard to make the this puzzle of homemaking and living better. Sit down with a good book, binge watch a favorite show, soak your feet or entire body in the tub, or drink a glass or wine. deserve it!

Last year in November and much of December I started posting about preparing for our holiday. I may just chime in here with similar posts regarding our holiday plans and preparations this year. It was a less stressful Christmas because things were planned for long before the big day. So check back here in November to follow along with my plans and see if they inspire you to enjoy a holiday with less stress!

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