Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: Bed Linens

We are on Day 7 of Decluttering and Organizing! I hope you have been motivated by at least one of my posts so far. I don't even mind if it motivated you to declutter an area I haven't yet mentioned.

Linens. For me, that means bedding. Such as sheets, quilts, comforters and blankets. And pillows. I also include kitchen and bath towels, but I will have us check on those tomorrow.

I realize these are usually stored away in most peoples homes and may be the last thing you want to declutter. However, I'm thinking of the holidays in the next couple months that may have you entertaining people in your home. Some guests may stay overnight. You want to be prepared!

I think the best way to approach bed linens is to pull them all out so you can review their quality. Have any items developed stains, or tears that you may not have noticed before? Do you have more linens than you have beds for? If you do, do those sheets or blankets have a purpose, or are you holding on just in case? Do they match your decor (if you care about that kind of thing)? Do they need to be washed? Likely they do. But that could wait until a week or two before guests arrive.

I like to have a set of sheets to fit every bed I could possibly have guests on. For us, this includes an extra twin bed and a queen size air mattress in addition to the beds we use daily. I consider the extras for guests as extras for us if the need would arise. I also want to have a blanket or quilt to cover each bed as well. I will admit I count sleeping bags to work in a pinch for this. Why not give it two uses right?

And my preference for organizing bed linens is to have the bed made up and an extra blanket or two in the room for the guest to pull out if needed. If the bed is not able to be made up normally, then I store all items for that bed in one pile (or often in an old plastic comforter bag). 

I have a pillow for every bed space also. We often pull our decor pillows off the bed and put them in a regular pillow case for guests. This way I don't have lots of extra pillows stuffed in a closet all year round. While writing this blog post, I realized I do have one extra pillow I can let go of (trash). It's older and we have other options. Yea me for decluttering while trying to inspire!!

A few other things to consider. Less is more. You might have flannel sheets, jersey sheets, and traditional cotton type sheets for one bed. Ask yourself if you would miss them if you let go of a set? Do you even remember to use them? Do you have a limit of sheets that you are able to store? For example if you have a shelf designated for sheets (or would like to), do the sheets you have and want to keep all fit? If they don't you likely need to downsize. Ask similar questions regarding extra blankets, comforters and pillows that could be consider extras.

Don't forget to put back what you are keeping in nice stacks. All like items together. Or in sets, which blankets on the bottom and sheets on top. Pillows can be vertical on shelves rather than flat. Consider folding in thirds instead of halves to narrow your pile of bedding. And don't forget to Google 'folding a fitted sheet' if you haven't yet learned that skill.

Did you find any bed linens to get rid of? Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet? Do you ever have guests stay overnight in your home?


  1. I *should* let go of some pillow cases (as in the ones we've been using for the past while), but beyond that I have no excess of linens, thank goodness (though, obviously, two extra pillow cases to replace the ones that need replacing). If I was smart about it, I would swap out our sheets for the flannel ones, but I'm still longing for less-rainy days and haven't done it yet. But, they have polar bears and penguins on them, and they are so comfortable, so it really is a dilemma to choose whether it's time or not, ha! :D

  2. I love bed linens and feel they're a practical way to enhance decor and improve the quality of sleep. My formula is one set on the bed, one set in the cupboard and possibility of one set in laundry for each bed plus day bed in my home office, futon in lower level family rm. and air bed that is mostly in it's suitcase-like pull box.

    For decor sake, I use pastel colors spring/summer and jewel tones fall/winter plus down comforters/quits that require easy to wash duvet covers. Summer blankets are cotton knit Swedish blankets which are particularly cozy. I admit to having far more pillows than necessary but they stay under control and flat in compression bags. I don't have throw pillows for the beds as DH says rude things [haha], instead created my version of 'bed-in-a-bag' sets. Guest room pictures are those large 'Snap' frames which lets me change out mats and photo displays appropriate to guests, interesting fabric or even a print out that I liked. Cheap & cheerful.

    Agree with Carrie, use it or lose it! Too much effort to look after stuff that you don't use, don't need or doesn't serve you. If you're not sure whether to keep or release, leave a stationary dot on the sheet, pillow case or towel. If it's still there next fall, you know it's just clutter

    1. I can tell by your post Hon Min that you do love your linens, but you are acutely aware of what you have and WHY you have it. And it sounds like you use them as well. Thanks for sharing!