Sunday, November 8, 2015

All Set on Christmas Wrapping

I've checked our supplies of Christmas wrapping. We have everything we need! I don't have to buy one thing. I have it all and it is all in one place where I will know where to find it. The wrapping paper rolls are all new. I remember using up a lot of rolls last year, so it seems I stocked up after the season with rolls on clearance.

All of our Christmas wrapping in its own container,
which is now stored under the extra bed in our bonus room.

Boxes and gift bags we reuse

I store about 20 bows in a gift bag that I lay on top of the gift wrap

Reusable gift tags!

Those gift tags above are made from half an index card, (1.5 inches x 2.5 inches) and then folded in half. I punch a hole near the left corner, and cut from the edge to the hole. These tags can then be hung to any gift bag handle. I simply wrote in red marker on the inside and outside. I'm sure if one wanted to spend more time to make them pretty they could. But this is simple and frugal! I had seen a friend do this and one Christmas I ran out of gift tags...thus this easy tag became part of my routine!

Scissors, pen, tape and labels
While I was checking my gift wrap stash, I decided to pull out the above items and stash them with the gift wrap, rather than a few places around the house. Now when it is time to wrap I will have everything in one spot! 

I'm not sure I will need the labels since I do have the reusable tags and wrap a lot of items in gift bags. When I wrap with wrapping paper, I like to add the label with recipients name on the bottom of the package. It would be so easy to forget which package goes to whom without a label or some sort of code. 

I think my mother would make up a code letter for my sister and I to mark on the back of the package in pen I believe. If I remember right it wasn't our initials. We were the kind of kids that needed to touch all the packages and wonder if it was ours or what the item was.

Bows and tissue!
I briefly considered if I needed more tissue paper. I might have 15 sheets there in the picture. For now, I think it is enough. If I see a deal on some, I might pick up one more package. However, the number of gifts we are buying is so limited that I don't think the need is there.

I don't always put bows on packages, especially if the packages will be traveling. The bow only gets crushed! I stopped doing the curling ribbon a long time ago. I find the stacks of packages under the tree pretty enough without needing time to embellish them. And it saves time.

I like to keep the theme of red and green for my gift wrap as you may have noticed. There are lots of pretty papers and bags in other themes, but I finally realized I like the red and green the best. That probably means the blue and gold bow in the picture above could be tossed...I will likely never use them.

Wow! I didn't expect I had so much to write about Christmas wrapping. Tell me about your Christmas wrapping. Is your gift wrap for Christmas stored in one place? Do you know if you need to buy more items? Do you reuse gift wrap? Do you add tags and bows? Do you stick with a color theme?

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