Monday, November 23, 2015

Are You Saving Reusables?

Are you saving items in your home because you see the value in reusing them?
Are you keeping items to be reused because you want to be a good steward to the environment?
Are you willing to give up square footage of your home to store these items?
At what point will you have saved enough items for later reuse?

I save some things to be reused, primarily because I know they will be used.  And occasionally, I save something because I think I will do something with it later. Maybe. It is those items I might use later that become clutter. Eventually, I have to be honest and remind myself I'm probably not really going to do that thing I thought I was planning. Once I make this decision, then it's a matter of figuring WHERE to discard the item.

And it doesn't have to mean the trash can. Or the landfill.

It is possible to discard items you acquire in a responsible way.

I have discussed with numerous people about their things. I've seen different myths or excuses get in the way of them making decluttering progress. And this environmental one seems to be one of them.

It is true that some things cannot be easily recycled like your the mail coming into your home. But so many can be if you take some time to research what your local town or nearby city offers in regards to these services.

Many communities take hazardous waste materials, including used oil, tires and air conditioners. Your local landfill company likely has resources for electronic recycling on their website a well.
There are non profits that will accept building materials, including paint and tools.

I did a quick search on a couple towns I've lived in and saw recycling for tires, batteries, compact florescent bulbs, grocery bags, appliances, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, televisions, computer equipment, automobiles, toner cartridges, water heaters, medications, oil, fertilizers, bicycles, and more!

Now, true you probably can't put many of those types of items on the curb. You will have to deliver them. There is extra work involved, but it isn't much harder than loading up your vehicle, driving to the location and dropping them off. Sometimes the volunteers or employees will help you unload!

Be HONEST with yourself. Are these items you may reuse someday a JOY or a BURDEN? If they are a joy then keep them. But if not, you really need to do the work at getting rid of these items. You are a beautiful sweat soul who wants to do good in the world, but yet you are getting stressed by your things. And some of those things are items you won't use. You are stressed by the myth you have that you are saving these items for good. But that is not the truth. You are saving them and the result is stress and irritation. There is no joy. The good really comes when you decide to get those items to a place where they can be recycled, turned into something new, or reused by someone who has a true need for these items. And it will feel good to do the work.

I'm always cheering for you!

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