Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baking Begins

As I previously planned, I have started my holiday baking! Two loaves of banana bread are complete. Both loaves are wrapped in foil and double bagged. And now frozen in my freezer for later use this holiday.

I plan to make two batches of mint chocolate chip bars later this week! I can't wait because I plan to eat a few bites before I get them frozen.

I did some deep cleaning of my hardwood floors yesterday after the baking. They needed to be done, but I tried to look at it as preparing for Christmas or Thanksgiving guests (not that I'm having any guests). And to be honest, I put some holiday music on! Yes, I know only the middle of November, but it did make me feel festive!

I have placed another order online for some gifts requested by my daughters. I'm making good progress. I'm on hold with ordering much more as I don't want packages arriving while we travel for Thanksgiving.

It feels good to check some more preparations tasks off my list!

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