Saturday, November 14, 2015

Break Down the Overwhelming Tasks

I'm using this blog post to figure out what my plan and priorities are. Don't mind me!

I find myself a bit overwhelmed today. I have quite a few things on my list that I need to get to. Real exciting stuff like cleaning and paying bills. I've got Christmas shopping on my mind. And the desire to get ahead on some blog posts as well. There is no true deadline for today, but I can feel the pressure. And I have to realize it is self inflicted. Not one person is telling me to do these things. It's all me!


I think the Christmas shopping can wait. I can see that if I get online to start browsing for things, that I'm just going to get sucked into the Internet and waste more time than needed on a day where I have time to get some other more pressing tasks done.

After this post is written, I'm going to hold off on writing any more future posts. I have a feeling I will come up with more ideas while cleaning, than I would staring at a blank page. I'll make notes as those ideas make themselves known.

I think cleaning is the first task. And by cleaning I'm just going to focus on bathrooms today. I've noticed at times it helps to do something physical when the anxiety and overwhelming feelings kick in. This can take the form of cleaning or any sort of exercise. And I do need to get some exercise in after a couple days in a row without. After the cleaning and physical work, I expect my brain to be clearer and able to focus on getting our bills paid.

I feel much better now that I have made a plan! And it just took a few minutes of really evaluating what I was feeling, why, and what I would feel would be the best use of my time. I'm happy that I could see that some of the tasks if started first could eat up a lot of time.

And thinking about it a little more, what I really did was break down the tasks in my mind that were all jumbled and overwhelming into a manageable plan. This can work with so many tasks, or big projects. It's what I have been doing with my Christmas plans. :)

I'm so glad I took some time today to get my mind clear on what I really wanted to accomplish. I feel pretty confident I will end the day feeling productive and more relaxed.

Thanks for reading!! 

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