Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Letter or Cards

I've decided not to write a Christmas letter this year. There are definitely some things to share with those we aren't in close contact with everyday. However, I feel like I'm bragging when I write a letter telling about the highlights of our year. I'm not saying that is how it appears to others. But maybe. I don't want to send that kind of letter. 

I feel that a card is simpler than a letter. The card is just a sentiment for the receiver from the sender. I want to wish joy and peace. That's it. 

So, I've decided not to send cards though to accomplish my wish. This year I'm going to try sending eCards. I plan to use either Hallmark or American Greetings. For as low as $4, I can send unlimited cards for a period of one month. (There are other subscription plans if you want to send cards this way all year). I'm leaning towards American Greetings because they have more cards that interest me.

Both ecard companies allow you to email the card or send by Facebook. I'm going to send most by Facebook since I realized many, many people on our list are also our Facebook friends. The few that are not, will get an emailed version. I will probably send a note first that I'm sending eCards to prepare those who might be leery of clicking on links.

I'll be honest. This is a bit of an experiment. I don't know if I will like it or not. The part I do like is how much time I will save since I don't have to address, stuff, stamp and lick each card. I'll try to remember to report back about how this experiment went.

If I were sending cards, I would be out buying them now, if I hadn't bought them on clearance last year. I would quickly get addresses applied to the envelopes and buy stamps. You would probably find me writing inside each one while watching a favorite television show. If I were sending pictures, I would be making a plan to get those taken and printed. My ultimate goal would be to have them ready for mailing during the first week of December.

I wrote this post early...and since then I was digging in my Christmas decorations. I found three unused cards from last year. I will actually use these, as I know I need to snail mail greetings to my mother in law. And it wouldn't hurt to send one to my daughter's dorm room. The final one I'll send one to our landlord with our December rent. 

This year though I will buy my one month subscription to the ecard service I choose the first week of December and start that process of getting them sent electronically. I'm going to give some thought in the next couple weeks about any greeting I would want to add to each card. Since the service is unlimited for the month I'm wondering if I would like to send out more than one ecard? Not sure.

Have you made a decision and plans for your holiday greetings? Are you doing the same thing as in years past? Will you send any greetings at all? Have you used ecards before to send your greetings?

P.S. Now is a good time to buy stamps if you are mailing your greetings! If you want to save a trip to the post office, you can order them for a small fee from USPS and have them delivered to your mailbox. How easy is that? At a minimum combine the trip with your other errands.

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  1. I dunno about stores in a lot of other places, but most grocery stores sell stamps - if not at the regular registers, then at customer service. If you're already there, would be a good way to get two birds with one stone!
    I've never understood the Christmas letter thing. If it's people I see all the time, they know what's going on. If it's people I don't see, we keep in touch through Facebook or email, or phone calls on the Holidays themselves. Then again, I grew up with the Internet coming along, so never had to go without e-mail, really.

    I remember when e-cards first sort of became a thing. Gosh they were awful - full of bad gif/videos and sound (because, you know, a ten year old things you can't leave those things out, and I didn't) and would take forever to load xD Luckily, they are much better now, though!