Monday, November 30, 2015

Gift Progress

We just returned from our Thanksgiving festivities yesterday. We made sure to get right on putting our things away. I even did four loads of laundry!! I didn't have my December meals planned, but we did make it to the grocery store with a list in hand. I think this week I can get to planning the rest of the month's meals.

The really good news is that I am so close to being done shopping for Christmas! I ordered two final items for my husband this weekend. I can only think of one thing that still needs to be ordered online. I'm primarily down to one gift and some stocking stuffers. I have a plan for those, too, so that feels really good. I may just make my December 1 goal to complete shopping, if I can a lot done today! (No big deal if I don't since I'm so close.)

I expect several items arrive in the mail, so expect to hear that I did some gift wrapping later this week. Of course, I don't even have a tree up at this point to put the gifts under, but what fun it will be to have gifts to put under there as soon as I do!

Right now our plan is to put up the tree this weekend. This will be the latest I have put up our tree EVER, but we have never traveled so far away for Thanksgiving before. I now actually understand why some people probably put up their tree BEFORE Thanksgiving. Of course, there is no right or wrong way, right?

Did you get a start on your holiday shopping? Are you finished, or close? When do you put up your tree?


  1. Bought candy for our stocking today! A coupon on top of sale prices, and I couldn't say no! I had wanted to buy it later in the month - so, you know, I wouldn't be tempted to eat it until closer to Christmas! But I got home and immediately put it in the stocking - and hopefully will be able to forget about it until much later! I did, though, buy some extra chocolate to have now, in the hopes that it will put off wanting to break into the stocking chocolate, ha!

    1. Nice score Jessica! And smart to put it away so the temptation isn't there.