Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Holiday Baking Scheduled

I am definitely feeling less stress so far now that I have some firm plans regarding our Christmas baking. I'm making pretty much the same things as last year, minus one pumpkin pie.

I'm going to start baking the full week BEFORE Thanksgiving! Everything I make will be frozen for use in December. The first two items to be done that week are two batches of banana bread and two batches of mint chocolate chip bars. Both freeze really well! This past weekend I purchased the ingredients I need for those items, so I'm all set.

The second baking session, the weekend of December 5-6, will be pretty quick and simple because we will make just one batch of peanut butter fudge. And it really is just a matter of heating and mixing ingredients before pouring into a pan to firm up. We will freeze the fudge too.

The following weekend we will make two batches of Raspberry Jam Thumbprint cookies. And since at this point Christmas is still over 10 days away, we will probably freeze these also. I'm also willing to move the baking of these up to the weekend before. It just depends on our schedule and my daughter's willingness to do that much baking.

Raspberry Jam Thumbprint cookies (picture from 2014)

I will make the puppy chow for those days leading up to Christmas. It won't freeze but will be a nice snack to pull out if we are playing a game or watching a movie. So by planning when I will make the puppy chow I'm planning when we are eating it too! I didn't plan when the other items from the earlier baking sessions will be eaten...I just know that they thaw pretty fast and can be pulled out in small amounts when the mood strikes.

The final item I will bake for the Christmas holiday is a pumpkin pie for our holiday meal. I will bake it early on Christmas Eve. I will sure be in a relaxed and festive mood then, as I expect nearly everything on the holiday to do list will be complete!

Do you freeze any cookies or other foods for your holiday? Do you do any baking? Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?

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