Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mailing and More

I picked up USPS Flat Rate boxes at the post office yesterday. I've learned recently that for the area of the country I generally mail items, that these are the most economical if the item is more than one pound. And even better, if I purchase the postage online I get a discount off the retail rate. I simply print the label and tape it onto the box. It's free to have a USPS online account. Once you have the label on the package you can request a free pickup by your mail carrier (or if the package is small enough put it in your mailbox). The larger sizes can also be dropped off at your post office. I have left them on the counter (usually to the far right in the post office I visit) or usually I wait in line and hand it to the clerk who then provides a receipt. It just takes a few seconds.

And when I was at the grocery store (commissary)last Sunday, I picked up packing tape. I'm in great shape to have the package I need to mail ready to go when I have all the items ready. Mailing can be one of the those last minute tasks during the busiest times of the year. I feel I've made the right preparations to avoid that.

On Monday I was baking banana bread and cleaning. And listening to Christmas music. It was such a productive day! I'm going to make another plan to do the same thing today. More baking. And more cleaning.

I'm making two batches of mint chocolate chip cookie bars. I use the Nestle recipe on the back of the package. I already have all the ingredients. I will make one batch of dough first, get it spread into the pan and get it baking while I mix up the second batch. Once both are cooled, I plan to cut them into 1.5 inch square pieces since they are so rich and sweet. I'll probably set aside a dozen for snacking, but the rest will get put into the freezer for consumption and gift giving later in the season.

As far as cleaning goes, I need to do more floors. The hardwoods on our lower level were done on Monday. Now I need to move upstairs to vacuum. I also have two bathroom tile floors to complete. Not super motivated, but I think after some holiday baking and kicking on the Christmas tunes, I will feel motivated. Either way, I'm going to get it done!!

Will you be mailing packages this holiday? What is your favorite cookie?

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  1. Favorite cookie? Peanut butter cookies! But only if made with the peanut butter that has honey in it. So much better than the regular ones, with no extra effort needed! i just wish that the recipe made more cookies! I have one package to send out for Christmas, but am waiting until at least after it's December to send it out - it's only going to the south end of the state, so takes less than two days in general, and even in holiday rush, should take 3.5 maximum days to get there.