Saturday, November 28, 2015

Maybe Christmas Doesn't Come From A Store

It's Black Friday here in the United States. Just yesterday, we were all thankful for everything in our lives, and a portion of the population is out scrambling for bargains in the stores. Have you seen the amounts of stuff some people buy on Black Friday? 

When I look back at my blog and see how many pictures there are of things we no longer own, I'm amazed. We have let go of a lot of things! And all those things we purchased and acquired with our hard earned money. But did any of those things make me happier? I don't think so.

So just consider that Christmas doesn't come from a store. Christmas arrives without gifts every year. And you can be happy with less. And yes, so can your children. I would also propose that buying less now will mean less to declutter in the years ahead. 

Are you buying fewer gifts this year?


  1. Fewer gifts this year? Oh yes! Partly because of money, and partly because we just, well, have everything that we could ask for. There are a few things that we are getting each other and our family, but nothing big, and hopefully something they will actually like and/or appreciate.

  2. Yes we're buying less. We're also going to fill a box with balloons for the kids to open, I think this is the last year that we can get away with it with our 3 year old