Friday, November 13, 2015

Photo Gifts

I've been working on a photo book for another family recently. I've been getting help in gathering the photos and getting them uploaded to the website I'm using. In this case, we are only going back about 15 months in search of photos.

And it has been interesting to notice how many locations we all have photos stored. I found some photos on my phone camera, others on our digital camera (the SD card), some that had already been uploaded to our hard drive and even a few that had been sent to me by email. There are several of us contributing photos, so we all have the password to the site to work on adding them as our time allows.

If you have never worked on a paper or digital scrapbook I'm here to tell you they do take time! Particularly if you want the book to be organized by event or in order by date. And it takes time to crop the photo for the best look, or to get the best photo in the most prominent space on a page.

I would say it is still not too late to make photo gifts. Some photo gifts are easier than a photo book or album, such as adding a favorite photo to a mug. A calendar might be pretty easy to if you could find just 12 photos to work with. I think a picture that would coordinate with that particular month would be really cute!

I would highly recommend checking shipping deadlines to receive in time for Christmas. It would be disappointing to put so much work in to realize you didn't get it done in time. The photo book I'm working on doesn't have a true deadline. It's actually a gift for a past event, not Christmas. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a big discount before I order too. It seems many of the photo sites have specials often!

Do you make photo gifts? Which kind? Do you have a favorite site you use?

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