Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quick Tasks

The weather has changed here just enough that I'm no longer wearing shorts. I find myself choosing capris or jeans depending on how cool it is. During the summer, I kept my jeans on the far left of the shelves, since that area is a little harder to reach. And reaching over there everyday was starting to become annoying. But yet I did nothing!

Finally, I switched the pile of shorts, previously on the far right, with the jeans. 

A very quick task taking all of three seconds.

And yes, I took a few more seconds to make the stacks of clothing just a little neater, but that didn't take much time at all either. And now I no longer need to be irritated about reaching to the left side of the shelves. 

Despite our busy days in the coming weeks of holiday festivities, there are usually a few tasks we can do so very quickly. And often the results are quite satisfying! 

Do you have a task that you could do really quick? How long will it take you?

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