Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Planning

You may have wondered with all my writing of Christmas plans if I forgot about Thanksgiving. The answer is no. I actually love Thanksgiving! Maybe even a little more than I do Christmas if I were to rate them. I think I love it because it feels there is less planning needed. And it's a holiday that isn't about shopping and accumulating more. 

I hosted Thanksgiving two years ago and there was more planning for that, but it was a different kind of planning than if we were traveling to celebrate. I enjoy them both! This year we travel. My planning for that involves finding out what we can bring to the festivities, even if they have to be made with ingredients we buy when we arrive.

Other things on my mind as I prepare to be with family:

  • Which clothes to pack? What will weather be like?
  • Do we need to buy any new clothing? Remember to do laundry ahead of time.
  • Remember to bring daughters school pictures to share.
  • Remember our football tickets
  • Print and bring boarding passes and hotel confirmation numbers
  • Get gas in our van if needed
  • Arrange neighbor to check on our cats once or twice
If you are hosting Thanksgiving I would expect your list to be quite different with these types of items on your list:
  • Plan menu
  • Make a shopping list
  • Shop for groceries
  • Invite guests as needed
  • Request food for guests to bring
  • Wash and check table linens and dishes and cups
  • Match serving dishes and utensils with each dish you plan to serve
  • Clean your bathrooms and entertaining spaces 
  • If you will have overnight guest clean bedding and towels and room as needed
  • Plan any activities
  • Check necessary seating
I'm sure my lists aren't inclusive of everything for each Thanksgiving. You will make your own lists. I find it helpful to think about these things just a bit ahead to avoid the last minute stress. I have a couple items on my list I can complete now, just two weeks before Thanksgiving. What can you get done now to prepare for your holiday? 

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