Monday, December 7, 2015

Decorating & Decluttering

We were able to get our two trees up for Christmas this weekend. This is the latest we have ever put up trees, so I was very ready to have them up and decorated. Here's our main tree:

And I did what I mentioned last week. I decluttered while I decorated! I asked my daughter to help. She was so good at finding the ornaments that no longer resonated with her that she was trying to let go of ornaments I had as a child. I'm still not ready to let them go! They still make me happy. We do put them on the tree every year, so no reason to let go yet.

We found 12 ornaments, a polar bear figurine, a Christmas CD and two Christmas themed picture books. A total of 16 items out of our home. I honestly could have parted with more, but not everyone is ready. Our memories and attachments are all different, so I chose to respect that and keep these things for now.

One of my favorite decorations is some vintage ornaments from my grandparents. Last year I popped a few into a blue Bell jar and tied on a ribbon. I had them in my laundry room window. Just the right amount of festive for a small room. This year, I have put them on the counter in our guest bathroom. At least for now. If I find a better place, I will move them. 

Did you do any decorating, decluttering or both this weekend? Do you have any favorite decorations?

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