Tuesday, December 22, 2015

eCards Sent

I sent our eCard on Sunday. I used American Greetings and was able to send our eCard through Facebook. Some people will get an eCard just before Christmas by email since I am not on Facebook with them.

It was VERY easy! Took me more time to pick the card and write the greeting than it did to actually send it. I did discover the day I first signed up that I need to take my ad blocking software off so that Facebook sending was an option.

Similar to the card I sent...but not!

think it was well received by most people. And it was interesting to get a near instantaneous response. My only regret is that I didn't send the cards individually to each person's messenger box. It was like a group text, but I didn't think that is how it would send. And I really hope that didn't upset too many people!

The eCards are so pretty with animation and music. Such a different kind of card to receive! I kind of hope I receive one this year. I think this year we have actually received more physical cards than we did last year. I was a bit surprised since the year before it seemed we didn't get as many cards as we have before.

Have you sent eCards before? Have you received one? Do you have a preference of what kind of card you receive? Have you stopped sending holiday greetings?

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