Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Cleaning

We aren't having guests in our home for Christmas this year, but many people do. So that is just one more task on the list to holiday preparations. In the past, I have made sure to do the cleaning several days in advance and then touch up just before if necessary. Turns out even though we aren't having guests it is time to clean again here.
Today my plan is to clean three bathrooms, vacuum the upstairs carpet, sweep and steam clean our hardwood floors and dust where needed. That's it! I can tell you there are areas that need some deeper cleaning, such as windows. And I think I still need to dust the baseboards upstairs. But those are the types of things that are generally not as noticeable. Guests notice the bathrooms and kitchen counters and the places they sit. Well this is what I notice anyway. And really who cares if you didn't get the bathroom just perfect. You live in your home and the bathroom gets used. I'm usually just happy there are facilities to use!

As I do this cleaning, I tend to do some tidying along the way. I pick up all the cat toys and put them back in their basket. Shoes are put away in closets. If I find anything to donate or recycle I make sure to get those items to the right spot. I look at all the surfaces to see what can be put away. For me, the few things we have out on flat surfaces the better. It's easier to clean for one, but I find it relaxing for the mind as well.

What cleaning do you need to do before your holiday? Do you break up your tasks over several days or just get it all done in one session?

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