Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Stress Relieving

Since I have so much already done in preparation for Christmas I was able to take a little break the other day. I should have been doing this in November when I was the most busy! 

I made myself a cup of green tea, and grabbed a recent magazine that came in the mail. I made sure to find a quiet spot in the house. 

Then, with my comfortable slippers on, I put up my feet for 15 minutes. I even enjoyed my kitty snoring nearby!

The time went fast, but for me on this day, it was just enough. I hope that if you are still in the midst of your Christmas shopping that you take some time each day to decompress. Do something relaxing just for you. You deserve it!

Turns on my time wasn't quite a peaceful as planned...the fertilizer company stopped by at this same time with their motorized spreader! I also noticed that while these magazines are festive looking, they can make me feel a bit stressed looking at the PERFECT pictures. You might find reading a book or closing your eyes to be more relaxing. 

Do you take time to relax when times are stressful? 

1 comment:

  1. I like the magazines to look at the pretty pictures, be sad that I live in an apartment, then keep them for crafty or arty projects - ripping some of those pretty rooms up for a collage is quite a great feeling, ha! xD
    It is so important, though, to make sure and take a breather. Even if you're on top of everything and you're not *feeling* stressed about anything, it's still a good idea every now and again to take some time to recharge!