Friday, December 18, 2015

Just a Quick Tidy

We usually try to get the kitchen cleaned up in the evening. Usually. This includes putting away any dishes we washed by hand, and setting up the coffee to run in the morning.

That didn't happen one evening this past week. I think the day was just too busy and we forgot. Although I know that those tasks only take a couple minutes. Yes. Like less than five!

I woke up to this on the kitchen counters. And there was no coffee brewing. And yes, I realize there are far worse kitchens and messes in the world. But the point is how fast one can tidy up!

I started the coffee and long before the entire pot had brewed everything that should have been put away the night before was erased cleared away. A much better way to start the morning!!

A few minutes at a time in an area that may be far worse than this, can add up to making a noticeable difference. Maybe it is the entry to your home, a desk top, the living room floor, or even the top of your dryer. Try it. Take a couple minutes and see what a difference a quick tidy can make. Time yourself, or set a timer to stop after five minutes. 

I've found that my mind is clearer with less clutter, so it really helps to clear the space once in awhile!

Do you make a point to tidy once in awhile? How long do you think it takes? What is the most recent area you took time to clear? What keeps you from getting an area tidy?

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