Friday, December 11, 2015


We woke up to no internet connection a couple days ago. My daughter was the first to notice. My husband said I sounded like I was in a panic when I told him about it. Um, yes, I kind of do use the internet each day!

There was an outage in our area, and eventually we were called and told it was restored. I still needed to reboot the internet modem and all other items connected to it. Did you know all the plugs look similar (black and bulky) and there is no easy way to tell which plug goes to which device? So since this is at least the second or third time I had to deal with all these cords in the last few months, I decide to get them organized for easier use the next time this rebooting mess happens!

While the modems and routers were rebooting I ran down to the garage and grabbed painters tape and a Sharpie marker. I got them all labeled right then and there. Problem solved!!

Labels can be so helpful if we just take the time to do it. What things do you have labels on that help keep you organized? Is there anything that you could label that would be helpful?


  1. When we have to reboot the router, we just pull from the router itself, not the wall. That way we don't have to get into our mess of cords xD We set up our computers nicely when we moved in, but somehow cords have a way of tangling all on their own without you even having to touch them!
    We do the same thing when we have to get into our computer towers to change parts or whatever, just unplug from the tower (after switching the switch on the power supply of course, lol) and then leave it plugged in at the surge protector, to not end up tangling cords any more than they already would be!

    1. Yes, my husband does this. That never seems to work for me on our router least either way now I'm clear which cord is which.