Saturday, December 5, 2015

More Baking Complete!

After school let out yesterday, my daughter and I made the peanut butter fudge we planned for the holiday season. It goes together really fast! And the bonus is we had a good time making it together. And yes, we already ate some. The plan is to cut the pan up and freeze most of it until a little later in the season.

Our weekend is going to be busy!

First we need to move up the baking of cookies to this weekend since my husband has a cookie exchange next week. We will end up with 70 cookies, but he only needs to take two dozen. I didn't know about the exchange until a few days ago. It works out well because I gave a similar number of cookies to an exchange (in our old town) last year, but I didn't change our baking plan.

Next, my daughter is participating with her marching band in a town parade. So of course, my husband and I will go watch the festivities!

Later, we are going to get our two artificial trees up and decorated. I'm guessing those will go pretty fast if we put on the Christmas music. I'll be looking for items I can declutter within those decorations like I suggested to you earlier this week.

And finally, at the last minute we decided to sponsor a family for Christmas. Gifts need to be bought and turned in by Monday for three children. I thought I was done shopping, but I know this will help someone in need. My hope is to avoid the actual mall which I'm sure will be super busy!

Is your weekend busy? Have you completed any shopping or baking? Are you finished decorating? Did you find anything to declutter?

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