Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Items Complete!

I'm moving right along with the few Christmas tasks I have left. 
  • Buy and send our eCard for Christmas
  • Wrap the final gifts that are arriving by mail. 
  • Plan Christmas meal(s) 
  • Make a grocery list
  • Place wrapped gifts under tree (right now they are hiding behind some furniture!)
  • Buy a couple final stocking stuffers (candy is all I need I believe)
  • Drop off recent decluttering at Goodwill
  • Get haircut
I could probably be done with the list, but I need to ask my family members if they have preferences for food on Christmas. We will actually celebrate twice, once on Christmas and once when our oldest daughter returns from college. So two meals to make, but I expect they may be similar. If we have turkey I will bake once and freeze half the meat for the second meal. Once I have the meals planned, it won't take too much time to make the grocery list for early next week. 

I did send one eCard to my daughter yesterday. She got it already! I scheduled five others to those whom we are sending the cards by email. The remainder I decided to wait on just a bit longer as I would like them to be received closer to Christmas, maybe Sunday or even Monday. I think I can send them in bulk through Facebook, so it shouldn't take but a few minutes. 

Since I'm winding down on the Christmas tasks, I've noticed I have little energy to take care of some decluttering. I pulled two plastic cups out of the cupboard the other day because we have accumulated about four new ones since we moved that are getting used instead. Four in, two out isn't quite the right balance, but I'm sure I can find two of something else soon.

How are you doing with your Christmas list? Are you crossing things off that you thought you had time for, but now do not? Have you found anything to declutter recently?

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