Sunday, December 27, 2015

Observations of Stuff

We went to Target yesterday. Yes the day AFTER Christmas. And yes, it was busy! And I just have to mention what I saw. People buying lot of Christmas colored bins.

Do you know what I think when I see that? You don't need more bins. You need less stuff!! I'm sure new holiday items were purchased during the season, thus the idea of needing more bins. However, I really wonder how much they had before that they could let go of?

I also feel really sad when I see everyone at the store buying up more. Yes, I bought stuff. A bag of chips and mousse for my hair. Nothing that isn't going to get used up eventually. And I did look at ornaments. I usually buy a new one each year for each of my daughter's, but I failed to get that done before Christmas! Turns out they were really picked over and I didn't buy. My buying was thus very minimal.

I know there are many reasons for buying Christmas goods after the season. Great prices, especially if it is truly a need. And I do understand there good reasons to buy more bins at times, too. I'm just sharing what my initial thoughts are when I see all the buying of stuff after the holiday.

Did you go shopping after Christmas? What did you buy? Or why didn't you go?

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  1. My mom asked me if I was going to go shopping on Saturday, for the sales. I asked her what in the world I would be buying! She suggested presents for next year and wrapping paper, to stock up. I told her no presents, and I only used one roll of Dollar Tree wrapping paper and plan for the same for next year. We did go shopping Sunday (today) as the Mister needed a new belt, but that's it! Does help a bit to curb spending since we have the car insurance bill coming up - we pay twice a year and it's a hefty amount, so no extras for us for a while!
    While I would love for bins and drawers and things, I do know that I need to curtail what I do have and then go from there - our storage system is abysmal, so storage solutions are a necessity once we get our butts in gear, but buying large bins? Nope, none for us, thanks!
    Also, the bins that are on sale for the next month and a half that aren't Christmas-y are a retail thing they trick you into - working retail it amazed me that the seasonal aisles would go from Christmas to storage to Valentine's, but that's just the way retail seasons work, sadly. And they do tend to influence peoples' purchases!