Monday, December 14, 2015

Spontaneous Decluttering

Friday afternoon I was waiting in the car, a little longer than usual, for my daughter after school. The previous night I had put in our new auto insurance cards. I decided to pull out the old one since I didn't do that yet. This led to looking at the manuals and things in our glove box. Turns out there were some booklets about tires we no longer have on the van, and an expired extended warranty booklet.

When I was reminded that our warranty was expired, I realized the phone number to call that was stuck to the window was no longer relevant either. When I returned home, I pulled out a razor blade to scrape it off.

Then as I went inside the house, a basket caught my eye. It was the basket with some broken items from our move! I had to save them until we finalized our claim. Well, that was done last month, so those items were ready to be trashed!

My spontaneous decluttering amounted to eight items: four booklets, three broken item, and a sticker. Can't  complain about that kind of decluttering. That is the kind that really wasn't on my radar to even notice!

Have you spontaneously decluttered something?

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