Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday 15 - December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I'm so excited that all the planning has made this the least stressful Christmas season for me as an adult. I never try to see it as stressful, but the truth is it can be. The planning ahead and saying no to some activities helps tremendously. And I've heard from a few of you that this was true for you as well!!

Today, because I had accomplished so much ahead, I had time to do a little decluttering. Before I started I thought I had a few things in mind. Items that I kept noticing and thinking 'I think I'm done with that'. Now what is interesting though when I went to actually find those items...I couldn't! So strange. I thought I had a camera that was no longer working, but I couldn't find it. Did I already give it away? I'm still not entirely sure.

I did pull one shirt out of my closet. I've only worn it once. And even then I didn't like the color. Wrong shade for my skin tone I believe. It was a gift, so it really was time to move on! But really, the other items I found were just junk...empty bottles that needed to be recycled. Paper, magazines, various mail flyers to recycle.

As I was putting away two safety pins in my sewing box, I found some various items to trash: a non working pen, darning needle package (new), half package of Velcro (only one side was left). There were also some bent needles and small bits of scraps and string. I did some consolidating, so had a plastic bag leftover too.

Another day earlier in the week...or maybe late last week, I decided to part with a twin quilt, sheet set and pillow sham. We no longer use it and I now have other blankets for our twin guest bed. These remind me of my youngest daughter because she had them in her room for so many years! But there are pictures no need to really keep.

And two plastic restaurant type cups and a used candle.

It's not a lot of big stuff, but I guess it shows there is ALWAYS something to get rid of. Really. I'm pretty minimal at this point, at least compared to many, but there is always something we no longer need it seems. 

I look forward to decluttering with you my readers of Your Organized Friend in 2016...if not before! I'm curious what goals any of you have for decluttering? Do you feel like you are struggling in one or more areas? Let me know I can cheer you on!!

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  1. The fantastic feeling of having all Christmas things taken care of before Christmas Eve! I have some baking to do tomorrow, and gifts to wrap, but that's it - and I am so happy about that!
    I desperately need to get on with decluttering. Then again, I'm trying my hardest to be the least adultish this week as possible (and by that I mean sleeping a ton, making sure there are snacks, and maybe I'll cook dinner some days, but we'll see), so decluttering is very low on my list. However, after Christmas is over, it's game on! :D