Friday, January 15, 2016

From Many to Two

It's been slow going this week decluttering more keepsakes. I actually have had my hands in the second of my husband's keepsake bins. Enough that I have everything strewn all around up in our closet! In other words, it looks worse than when I started. But that is to be expected for most decluttering. 

It nearly always feels overwhelming when everything is out. But, looking through it all helps eventually in the decision making process. I pulled out two envelopes of cards/letters sent from schools to my husband while he was deployed. One was my daughter's classroom and another from my niece's. I flipped through each envelope and found the letter from my niece to my husband as well as the card made by our daughter. The rest were tossed. 

This was progress. After pulling things out, I'm feeling confident that I can get items my husband is saving from one bin down to two. There are a lot of cards and letters in the second bin, too. But if we can really find the best ones within to keep, there will be plenty to toss, creating more room in the first bin for the items in the second. And that first bin is smaller.

I hope with the longer holiday weekend, we can make some progress. As always, I will be sure to update you with all the details. Or most of them!

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