Thursday, January 14, 2016

Keepsake Decluttering Surprises

The small bins I worked on earlier in this process of Keepsake Decluttering, seemed to go so fast I decided to pull another one down from the shelves and get to work. I could tell the items were wrapped up inside the bin. I thought these were going to be some pottery pieces my younger daughter had saved. I was wrong. These weren't exactly keepsakes. 

This bin was full of Christmas themed snow globes! 

This is the kind of thing that happens after you move. Even to organized people like me. The bin wasn't marked as to what it was. And if it had been stored in the garage with our other Christmas decorations I could have told you what it was without a label. However, I think when it arrived into our home by the movers I directed it upstairs, knowing that they might not be best stored in a garage in a humid climate. Once it was separated from the Christmas items, it didn't seem as obvious what it was and got grouped with our keepsakes. 

It is disappointing that we didn't remember to get these out for Christmas or even realize they didn't. I blame the fact that my older daughter, who owns most of them, wasn't here to help decorate and notice them missing. It's possible these have served their purpose for her and are no longer needed. I'm willing to store a little while longer and see what happens. They are well marked now! And I put a note in a Christmas bin as a reminder of where they are stored. 

The other surprising thing was I found another box of keepsakes that were not stored in our closet. It's in a different type of box and I moved it to my daughter's closet while she was away at college. She just returned to school and called this week asking for something from her closet. And there it was. ANOTHER box of keepsakes! I wish I had seen this while she was still here. I could have gone through it with her!!

So a few interesting surprises. The snow globes are  taken care of and I'm saving the keepsake box from my daughter's closet for spring break. I think. If I get motivated I might see if there are any obvious things to toss (such as art with food!) Right now I'm sticking only to the original bins in our master bedroom closet for my January purge.

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