Saturday, January 16, 2016

Some Progress Decluttering the Keepsakes

I have made a little more progress in the keepsake decluttering. As I said in the last post, it is a little slow going. This part of the reason I dedicated the entire month to this project. Last year, I purged paper files in January. It was a big project. Taking an entire month gives me a plenty of time to make progress without too much pressure. This helps so much considering it some of it tugs at the heart strings a bit. 

I asked my older daughter about the dance recital costumes she had stored in one of the bins in my closet. The good news is she now realizes it is time for these to go. She can't wear them, as they don't fit. Nor does she want to wear them, thus...she agreed it was time to let them go. These will be donated. Maybe some young child can use them for play or a Halloween costume. The good news is this bin is now empty!!

I peeked in my bin of keepsakes. I spotted a newspaper from the day I was born. When I saw it this time, it was easy to decide to let it go.  I had already decided to part with newspapers saved when my daughter's were born. For the same reason, I was able to let mine go as well. If I ever want to read the news on the day I was born, I'll go to the library. 

The other thing I did was to move all the items we need to review to our bonus room. Most of the items on the table below are my husband's. The items to the right on the cedar chest are ones I pulled out of his bins that I know we need to keep. Awards and diplomas primarily. 

And a little peek to see that I have the first bin and a bag of recycling out during this process. That is the bin that I want ALL of my husband's items to fit into by the end of this month. Really hoping I can make it happen, with the help of my husband, of course!

And I also finally unwrapped the pottery items my youngest daughter has made over the years. Just six items. Luckily, none of them broke during the move ! I told her they were available for reviewing. She's not so thrilled. She doesn't think she's ready to part with any. And if that really is the case, it's fine. Even I don't want to get rid of them all. Such cute art!

Not big progress. But progress! I'll take it.

More progress on the keepsake purge to come. Stay tuned!

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