Friday, January 8, 2016

The Keepsake Bins: Before

I thought I should back up just a little. I didn't exactly show you the keepsake bins I'm tackling in the month of January. You have seen two of them so far, but there are more!

These are are all currently in our master bedroom closet. In our past home, they were stored on shelves in our basement. We have no basement in our new home. I decided on the master bedroom just thinking it would be better than the garage. I have the room to store all of them. The closet is big and we don't have a lot of clothes.

Probably the best thing about putting them in the master bedroom closet is that I see these bins everyday. Thus I see the quantity of things we are keeping, but don't exactly use. I have been asking myself if we really need to keep all those things for the last five months! This is the month to find out.

Those first two bins in the pictures are my husband's keepsakes. Although I do see my high school diploma in that second bin of his, which seems familiar that we found it in there once. That will get rectified this month!

A lot of my husband's things are related to his job with the Army. All sorts of awards/certificates and pins. I think he kept some of his notes from one of his deployments. And there are probably a lot of cards and letters in there too. I'm pretty sure he has gone through these bins in the past on his own. I'm thinking I will tackle them a little on my own first this time around. Of course, I won't get rid of anything without permission, but I expect I might be able to suggest some items that could go. At a minimum I hope to get them a little better organized. Maybe we can get down to one bin for him. 

The bin pictured below is where I keep most of my own personal keepsakes. I keep getting rid of more and more! And I haven't regretted anything so far. The yearbooks are what are starting to bug me the most. So bulky and really not that exciting to look at when you are so far removed from that period of time. 

And these smaller bins pictured below are what I consider to be keepsakes for my girls. There is one less bin, since I already went through two and narrowed the keepsakes down to one bin. Four bins are related to my younger daughter. One is related to my husband's previous job. And the other two for my older daughter (and I think one more of hers could go as it is filled with old dance costumes). I will be really happy if I can reduce the original eight down to four.

I also have these shelves in our closet holding photos primarily. I'm not necessarily tackling these this month, but I already pulled out a baby book to add a keepsake to. I would guess they will get some of my attention too. There are some albums that I may want to consolidate, eliminate or put into another form sometime soon. But as I said these are not my primary concern this month. 

I bought a another photo box for larger photo storage (that black box on the left middle shelf). It was under $5, and I did think it might help with getting one of those piles on the above shelf more contained. I'm not entirely convinced I need it yet, so I left the packaging on. I do think it would at least help the appearance of those things in the closet!

So now you know a little more about what I am tackling this month. I feel pretty motivated after seeing how easy the first two bins were. Just this morning I scanned two papers from when my daughter was in kindergarten...and then yes, tossed the originals. I won't do that with all of them, but some aren't worth the space in the bin, but are a cute enough that I'm willing to take the time to scan them in. 

Do you have most of your keepsakes or memorabilia in one place? How much space do all of your things take up? 

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