Monday, February 29, 2016

Decluttering By Decorating

We've only lived in our current home for seven months. I'm still figuring things out, such as how I want things arranged and decorated. I've noticed in the last month that our toilet room seemed to be lacking. Not that I usually decorate such rooms.

We have a small dresser in there to store toilet paper and feminine products, so they are stored close to where the need is. It works really well. The drawers are just the right depth for the toilet paper rolls. And you can see we leave a trash can in there too. 

In addition, to noticing the lack of decoration in that room, I had motivation to replace a broken trash can in my daughter's bathroom. Her plastic can had cracked in several places. And I didn't want to spend any money replacing it if possible.

I was able to solve both my problems by decluttering! I had a few things stored away in a cupboard and a closet that I wasn't using: artificial flowers, a slender bucket, a picture and a vase. 

I actually have mixed feelings about the slender bucket. I like the shape and size, but the silver color seems fake. Sometimes I find great things to do with it, but other times it just looks bad. It had recently been tucked in the closet with those flowers waiting for a job.

Here's how our bathroom looks now that I decluttered and decorated:

The words in the frame say 'It's All Good'. A favorite mantra of mine. I shortened the length of some of the flowers to put them in a shorter container. And the slender bucket is now our trash can. I passed our white trash can to our daughter's bathroom so we could throw out the broken one. 

I'm super happy with the result! It's a prettier view into our toilet room. I replaced a trash can that needed to be tossed for free by using something we already own. And I also have more space in our closet and cupboards because I'm now using the items rather than storing them. 

Do you have anything broken that you could replace with something you already own? Do you have clutter that you aren't using, but could put to use in your home? 

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