Sunday, February 14, 2016

Decluttering By Letter: N

We are making great progress this month decluttering our homes! I've seen what you have accomplished on the Facebook group, Organized Friends. Keep up the great work. It all counts. Any day, any letter. The main goal is to keep getting rid of our excess things!

We are now on the second half of the alphabet. Letter number 14 is N.

I found a necklace! And this one is nice. It was the one I wore in my sister's wedding as her Matron of Honor. It's a pearl choker style. It was fine on that day(20 years ago) wearing it, but it makes me feel like I'm choking. Not fun. So because I have another traditional pearl necklace I'm letting this one go. Keep what you love, right? I do have pictures showing me wearing the necklace to keep the memory alive!!

I've made another list of ideas for the letter N. Do you have any of these in your home that need to go?

Nail polish
Nike shoes
Nose sprays
Napkins (and rings)
Negatives (from photos)
Name tags or labels
Night wear
November decorations
Niche items (no longer used or needed)
Nursery room 
Neutral colored decor
Nuts and nails

We can keep doing this! We are more than halfway there. If you have done one item for each letter you will have nearly thirty things discarded from your home by the end of the month. Have you noticed yourself finding more things than you expected? What other items beginning with N could be discarded?

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