Monday, February 15, 2016

Decluttering by Letter: O

Oh my! We are on the letter O. Is this one going to be a tough one for us?

I found TWO items that I can include for the letter O. One came into our home the same day as it is leaving. An orange bracelet. It came home with my daughter from school. She asked what to do with it since she didn't want it. I said we would donate it. Turns out quite a few more items could have come home, but she was wise enough not to take those items. She knew she wouldn't use them again. Even if they were free!

The second item I'm counting for O is sort of different. I found these outlet sealers (for insulation purposes) in our garage while on the hunt to declutter. There were three left. And since we are in a new home, I decide there were a couple switches that we could use them on. So I used up this O item and recycled the packaging. No more clutter and an item put to use for its intended purpose. I love when that happens!

Here are some items you can declutter for the letter O:

Oval shapes
Opaque items
Office supplies
Ocean gear 
Ocean decorations
Odd socks
Odd parts
October decorations
Organizational tools (that you never put to use)
Overused items
Orange colored things
Oil (essential or machine)
Old papers
Old books
Outside toys
Outside equipment
Old anything
Orthodontic supplies 
Optical items 
Oven baking pans
Oven cleaners 
Odds and ends
Old and open food containers

There are quite a few things beginning with O. What other ideas do you have? How many items beginning with O did you find? Did you beat me with more than two?

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