Monday, February 1, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: A

I'm kicking off February with a new challenge for myself and for you, my readers! We can continue the momentum we had in January, or renew our goals and get another start if we slacked off. (Um, yes, that did happen to me!)

The challenge is to declutter something everyday. Yep, just one thing. And it really can be anything! Each day I will give ideas of things you might be able to find in your home to let go of. I will base those ideas on the letters in the alphabet. You don't have to follow the letters, since of course the real goal is to let go of things. The letters will just inspire us to think of things that can go.

Make sense?

Let's start with A!!

Automotive items
Athletic equipment and clothing
Aerobic videos
Accessories (all types)
Ancient food
Artificial flowers
Apple themed decor
Alphabet letters
Action figures
Art supplies
Animals (stuffed or other)
Allergy medicines

I'm sure there are many more things we can declutter related to the letter A. Post them in the comments so others can read your ideas!

As for me, I found artificial pears! I received these from my mom in a plant and had them above my kitchen cabinets for many years. I live somewhere where I can't fit much of anything above my cabinets, so these artificial pears have been stuck in a drawer for six months. And they don't spark joy, like Marie Kondo suggests should be a factor in deciding about clutter. No joy, no home here!

I'm not personally limiting myself to one item per day, but I feel that is the minimum. And I'm going to do my best to fit the items into the know since I'm prompting this whole idea in the first place!

So go find something, ANYTHING to declutter! And report back, especially if it starts with the letter A. 

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