Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Decluttering by Letters: B

It's day two of Decluttering by Letters which, of course, is the letter B!!

I sort of feel like I'm doing something for Sesame Street. :)

I did a reorganization along with my decluttering of an item with the letter B. I keep seeing this basket that I put the cats toys in. I dislike the basket, yet it is out all the time. I have had it for 20 years!! The joy is no more.

But a basket is still a good idea for the cats toys. And I happen to have one I like better stored in a closet (holding nothing). So I did a switch. The old basket will be sent to charity!!

The basket I'm letting go of is on the right, empty. Cat toys into the basket I like, on the left.

So what other items could be decluttered starting with B?

Baby clothing
Baby toys
Bike (and accessories)
Board games
Blue items
Broken items
Boy's rooms, toys, clothes
Brown items

I'm sure there are many more items beginning with B that we can find in our homes to declutter! If you have other ideas leave them in the comments to help others reading.

Do you have something you have or will declutter starting with the letter B?

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