Friday, February 5, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: E

Today's decluttering post is brought to you by the letter E!

Really you could use today to consider EVERYTHING in your home. Should it stay or should it go? Do you love it? Do you use it? Does it spark the joy Marie Kondo talks about?

I've especially notice that I find more things to let go of when I consider whether I really love something or it sparks joy. So don't be afraid to approach your decluttering with that though in mind, since we really aught to enjoy the stuff we are surrounded by!

I thought the idea list for E would be very short, but I did find a fair number of examples to share:

Eye glasses and cases
Eye makeup
Expired medications and food
Envelopes (large and small)
Exercise equipment
Exercise videos
Exercise clothing
Eating utensils and plates
Eye drops
Education materials
Etching tools
Easter decor
Equipment of any kind
Erasers (kids often have plenty of these!)
Electrical tools and waste
Elastic bands
Extension cords
Easy items (such as trash)

Everything you can think of counts!! These are just lists to spark ideas and gain momentum for your efforts.

I found four pencils that are eraser less and one extra calculator. I relied on adjectives to make these work for the post. I suppose I could also count emails, as I have been trying to keep those deleted in a timely fashion. But like I've said before it all counts!!

Did you find anything expired or anything else that started with E to declutter today? What other things could be decluttered starting with E?

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