Sunday, February 7, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: G

We are six days into the month and we are still going strong decluttering by letters.

Today is the letter G.

I had some trouble finding something in my house that started with G that I actually needed to get rid of. And there are a lot of things that start with G!!

In the end I'm counting these glass cleaners and accessories for eye glasses. My husband had a coworker send a bottle home with him (it was part of a joke). I then asked my daughter who is the only one who wears glasses everyday if she would use it. Nope. She doesn't like them. So I asked if she had any others around that we could discard.

I'm actually keeping the little screwdriver tool at the bottom of the picture, but the rest is gone!

Now look at all the other things that could be considered when decluttering by the letter G:

Green items
Grocery bags
Golf clubs, balls, accessories
Guest room
Gift bags 
Grills and equipment
Graduation caps 
Gym bags
Girl items
Guy items
Gravy boat
GI Joe figures
Glass vases
Glasses (eye and cups)
Grape decorations
Guitars and accessories
Geography books
Giraffes (stuffed)
Gas powered equipment
Garage items
Goose/geese decor

What did you find that begins with the letter G? Do you have any other ideas for others? 

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