Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Decluttering By Letters: I

I am so excited that this Alphabet Challenge is a hit with my readers! So excited for all of us to be tweaking our homes for the better a little decluttering at a time.

Today we are on the letter I.

This list won't be quite as long as others, but you'll be surprised at how many ideas I could still find:

Ice cube trays
Inanimate objects
Itch creams
I pods
I phones
Intimate apparel
Infant clothing (and accessories)
Instruction manuals
Investment statements
Inactive accounts
Incomplete puzzles
Incomplete projects (that you won't finish)

I typed this list AFTER I found the item I would discard for the letter I. That instrument idea would have been a good one. I remember seeing two harmonicas, two slide whistles and two recorders. I'm pretty sure we don't need two of each of those. I'm only keeping them IF we have young children over. But I really wonder if items that touch the mouth should even be saved and shared. Kind of icky!!

I found an intimate apparel item to discard. It's a bra. The under wire is broken, so it needs to go. Sometimes these things are so easy, but yet, why did I hang on to it when I knew I wouldn't wear it?

Did you find the letter I to be the hardest letter so far? Do you have other I ideas we could declutter? 

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