Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Decluttering by Letters: J

I'm doing a jig, as I'm excited to be talking about the letter J today!

Sorry, if I'm getting a little too silly announcing these letters each day. 

I was shocked recently to find a jar that I took home from a wedding last year. It was kind of forced on me along with several other things that I'm pretty sure I already donated. I probably kept this jar as I do have other mason jars (the antique versions) that I use occasionally for flowers or other decorative purposes. But I feel pretty confident now that 8 months have past that I do not need this extra jar.

Now it's time to play that brainstorm game! How many items do we have in our homes beginning with the letter J?

Joke books
Jillian Michael's DVDs
Jogging shoes and clothing
Jazz music
Jello molds
Jam or jelly
Items related to your Job (that you don't need of course!)
Jet themed toys and decoration
Journals (used or unused)
Jump ropes
July decorations

That list was hard to make! I guess there aren't a lot of items we have in our homes beginning with J. Unless you can think of more! Share in the comments.

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